The Perfect Fit—Tailoring & Alterations

The pandemic has had a massive effect on all of us. Whether you’ve been working from home while simultaneously running your own daycare, forced to change career paths and adjusting to a new lifestyle, or simply feeling isolated and missing friends and family, it’s beginning to feel like maybe our “new normal” isn’t going to be so different than life was eighteen months ago. People are finally starting to head back to work, go to formal events, and actually have in-person business meetings—handshakes and everything!

We find oftentimes, folks simply aren’t aware of all of the services their dry cleaner offers. Alterations and tailoring is a service almost all dry cleaners offer and it’s not uncommon to find the best tailor in your market within a GreenEarth Affiliate location. Their tailors and seamstresses can make sure you’re looking your absolute best with the perfect fit. If you need to impress at a new job, have your work clothes slightly altered due to a pandemic routine shift, or dress to the nines for a formal event or wedding—no matter your need, the GreenEarth Network is here for you.

In addition to simply providing tailoring services, GreenEarth has partnered with 9tofive, a suit retailer out of Brooklyn, NY selling tailored suits online with a focus on sustainability and first-class professional service across the country. Making the customer’s experience luxurious AND convenient.

“We partnered with GreenEarth, a leader in sustainable dry cleaning, because their affiliates, like Bridgestone Cleaners in Brooklyn, are top professionals in garment care, tailoring, and alterations. They have some of the most knowledgable and talented tailors around and their service is unmatched. It just makes sense. People who buy suits use GreenEarth” Aaron Clanton (CEO at 9tofive).

So you can now order a suit from 9tofive through your local GreenEarth cleaner, then when the suit arrives, have it fitted and tailored, all included in the cost of the suit. It’s a match made in heaven.

“The pandemic has been rough for us and our dry cleaning partners. As businesses reopen and events are being held again, there has been an uptick in suiting needs. Weddings are slowly coming back and people are returning to normal life. Through our revolutionary partnership with GreenEarth, 9tofive has created an easier way of shopping. We have combined local, in-person connection with online retail, fostering a stress-free and accessible shopping experience. Along with these exciting initiatives, we are elated to roll out our new suit rental program. Getting fitted for a suit or tux rental has never been easier! We’ve used our local tailor partnerships to create a nearly effortless rental experience that practically brings designer suits to your doorstep.” Aaron Clanton (CEO at 9tofive).

The moral of the story, don’t show up to your new job, the first day back at the office, of a black-tie event looking anything less than your best. We’ve got you. Find the GreenEarth cleaner nearest you on our online store and get fitted right.

By: Aaron Newport