Keeping Earth Day Alive

Now that we’re into May, we almost leave Earth Day and Earth Month behind, but not quite.  Whilst Earth Day is a big celebration for us, when we reflect, re-evaluate and refocus. By setting new company and individual objectives, we try to ensure that every day is Earth Day.

GreenEarth Cleaning’s objectives for the next 12 months include continuing to reduce our own carbon footprint and also the footprint of our affiliates. We achieve this by converting more of them to our optimized GreenEarth® system.  And the team’s individual objectives range from reducing travel related carbon, to reducing use of disposable plastic, to community litter picking.

We also ensure that we share the latest in sustainability related news and initiatives with our many GreenEarth Cleaning affiliates, helping them navigate their way through that content, so that they can continue to make a significant difference.

The GreenEarth® Cleaning system consists of 3 main product components in addition to our proprietary pure liquid silicone.  They are:

1)      Activated Clay

2)      Prime pre-spotter

3)      Sustain Detergent

When using this system, we no longer use (or need to dispose of) cartridges or all-carbon filters. The amount of detergent used can be reduced, as well as reducing utility usage and associated costs by up to 60%.  And a result of bypassing the distillation part of the process, cycle times are reduced, and productivity is increased.

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, we combined sustainability and giving back to society. Alongside many of our USA affiliates, GreenEarth Cleaning organized a clothes drive, something that we have done for several years.  Many of the stores collected clothes from customers to benefit charities.  The GreenEarth team in Kansas City, hosted a clothes drive at the Bierstation, and over 1,000 lbs of unwanted clothes were collected, preventing them from going to landfill and at the same time, benefiting the charity Big Brother Big Sister, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships, that ignite the power and promise of youth”. Adult volunteers are matched with children from age 5 to young adulthood.

We’d love to hear your Earth Day stories – share them with us at