2022 Sustainable Fashion Trends

With 2022 finally in full swing, it’s a fantastic time to start thinking about the tone we will be setting for this new year, specifically when it comes to sustainable fashion! The pandemic gave many of us a chance to examine our relationship with fast fashion, providing an opportunity to ‘reset’ and rethink how we value newness, comfort, and quality. This past year, we have noticed more influencers and designers who promote longer-lasting garments, instead of buying more new pieces. This is a trend that not only benefits our environment, but it also sets a new tone and expectation for the fashion industry.

Secondhand clothing also looks to make big waves this year. As people hunt for their favorite labels at bargain prices on sites like Facebook MarketplaceVinted, and Depop. Giving clothes a new lease on life by up-cycling and promoting a more sustainable, yet trendy, way to shop your favorite style. A few studies by Mashable show that the 90s are back. Loose denim, vintage suits, and bucket hats are coming back strong. With celebrities sporting more vintage sustainable fashion, it is quickly becoming the latest trend for the masses.

Every brand has a unique approach to sustainable fashion, for instance, ReCircled allows for clothing and accessories to be put back to use.  Rather than going to a landfill or shredded for scrap, the ReCircled process keeps these items at their highest value, which is a core value of sustainability. Another brand that goes above and beyond with sustainability is Sorona which manufactures ethically sourced materials. Apparel made with Sorona Fabric enables people to look good and feel good while doing good for our planet.

Sustainable fashion is crucial, especially now. Our team at Cameo By Copeland wants to emphasize that we love longevity in fashion and we are proud that we use the environmentally non-toxic GreenEarth® dry cleaning process because not only is it safe for the environment, it’s gentler on fabrics as well so your clothes look newer longer. By replacing petrochemicals with pure liquid silicone, GreenEarth delivers an impeccable clean without exposing your clothes or the environment to harmful chemicals.

So while you’re thrifting, or buying reused clothing, it’s important to get them cleaned professionally. We can ensure that our team will make your sustainable clothing look brand new and more comfortable than ever! Take your new wardrobe to Cameo By Copeland today, and let us get you ready for 2022 in a sustainable way!